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Parametric Design

Finishing of the model

Steps Fisrt is to generate the covering part basiclly combinated by a rectangular and fluid surface. They have same boundaries. Using an amplitude move the points of the rectangular surface to realize the fluid surface.To build the trusses of the covering, using isotrim to divide the fluid surface and find the centroid of each parts.…

Chunking down step 1

Problem: the degree of the domain and graph mapper are hard to find a good a way to make the shape close to the real one. Defects: the surface is seemed like ramdomly generated. No specific number is used to define the surface except the border. Next step: try to find a way to make…

Dalian International Conference Center 

Coop Himmelb(l)au Math: the main body and extend part are both generated by double or trible curves. The language is conbined with streamline and linear line to make it dynamic and with tension. Wireframe: The cladding is composed by horizontal linear elements, layer by layer. Thus, the cladding can be displaced easily to create a…

My favorite architecture

Rolex Learning Center, SANAA, 2010 It’s located on the campus of EPFL in Lausanne. Shape:The perimeter is a square, but the body is partially convex to make different height. Displacement: In general, the whole body is flowing but continous, but in severa place the architects make some hole on the main body.

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